Policy Issues

AACCLA forms its policy objectives through constant dialogue with its network of 23 AmChams in almost every country in Latin America. These consultations enable AACCLA to identify the most important issues to U.S. investors and their trading partners and to lobby effectively for policies that will address these concerns. In this section you will find information on policy issues affecting trade and investment in the hemisphere.




  1. Trade – Promote full implementation and strong enforcement of existing trade agreements, as well as additional trade initiatives that are comprehensive, ambitious, and commercially significant.

    • Ensure AmChams are consistently informed of the ongoing developments in Washington, D.C. as it relates to the region.
    • Engage with congressional leaders on hemispheric priorities in trade.
    • Promote trade in the region, through trade missions, business delegations, and business intelligence.
    • Engage under APEP’s Trade track.
    • Advocate on the key trade-related issues focused on the hemisphere, full compliance with existing trade agreements, IDEA Act, preferences programs like GSP, the renewal of the Haiti HOPE and HELP Acts, and administration initiatives like APEP.
    • Engage on International tax policy.
  2. Trade Facilitation – Understand, identify and influence trade facilitation measures developing throughout the Western Hemisphere that enhance regional and national competitiveness and security.

    • Seek to leverage the resources created by the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, World Bank, the Americas Business Dialogue, the Memorandum of Understanding with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to drive forward WTO Trade Facilitation projects and positive trade policy development.
    • Engage and collaborate with key U.S. Stakeholders, U.S. embassies, CBP, among others, on priorities in trade facilitation in the region.
    • Reinforce the need for seamless cross-border trade and e-commerce.
    • Promote regulatory transparency, interoperability, digitalization, trade agreements of the future, development of small and medium businesses, drive the need for automation and reduction of administrative burdens.
    • Refine messaging to governments on opportunities in Trade Facilitation.
    • Promote Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) initiatives developed by Leadership Circle members.
  3. Rule of Law – Partner with the U.S.-based Coalition for the Rule of Law in Global Markets to promote the rule of law.

    • Continue to leverage the 4th Rule of Law Dashboard Report by participating in and organizing events in the region.
    • Host webinars with AmChams on the rule of law.
    • Expand the collaboration with International Organizations and other key institutional actors to highlight private sector interests in promoting the rule of law in emerging markets.
    • Develop award on a regional Rule of Law Champions.
    • Promote best practices around AmCham Code of Ethics.
  4. Intellectual Property – Foster innovation, harness creativity, champion intellectual property protection, combat counterfeiting and piracy, and eliminate the grey market.

    • Ensure that all advocacy related to IP utilizes and highlights the importance of innovation.
    • Engage the network of AmChams as the U.S. Chamber prepares its Special 301 report submission.
    • Collaborate with GIPC on roadshow through the Americas highlighting the importance of IP.
    • Highlight/recognized regional IP champions.
  5. Digital – Promote a healthy regulatory system that enables the free movement of data across national borders and rejects forced localization requirements and one-size-fits-all digital regulation while supporting the privacy of citizens and the national security of countries.

    • Continue to leverage the U.S. Chamber’s Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation and policy experts to support the AmChams as needed.
    • Promote the adoption and implementation of relevant legislation, and host webinars on digital trends and policy issues.
    • Monitor and engage on digital policies in the region through collaboration with AmChams, LCs, and joint engagement on the ground.
    • Track DATA initiative announced at SOTA.
    • Promote regional digital trade agreement.
    • Develop Regional Digital principles on AI & cybersecurity.
    • Share U.S. government and U.S. Chamber resources/principles.
  6. Health – Drive meaningful policy changes that ensure better access to quality health care in the hemisphere and incentivize innovation in the health care space.

    • Collaborate with the U.S. Chamber’s Global Initiative on Health and the Economy on white papers focused on the region, disseminate policy tools including Healthy Markets for Health Investment policy framework and digital health best practices.
    • Participate and promote strategic initiatives such as Americas RISE for Health.
  7. Climate – Encourage dialogue, education, and reports on addressing climate change (including mitigation and adaption), with governments, private sector and broad stakeholders.

    • Work with high carbon emission industries (agriculture, non-renewable energy producers, manufacturing) to share best practices regarding decarbonization programs.
    • Partner with the U.S. Chamber’s Climate team on events addressing climate in the region.
    • Track key opportunities in areas such as critical minerals.
    • Promote opportunities for the upcoming COP 30 in Brazil.
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