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AACCLA serves as:

  • a reliable source of information on regional trade and investment issues;
  • a critical point of communication between the AmChams, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. government;
  • a vehicle for companies based in the U.S. to reach one of the largest business federations in the hemisphere;
  • a coordinator of face-to-face interaction between business and government leaders of the Western Hemisphere; and
  • a resource for publications produced by the AmChams, including: membership directories, business guides, investment profiles, and magazines.


Program of Work Summary

AACCLA is committed to making this the “Century of the Americas.” This section provides the policy action items that make up AACCLA’s Strategic Plan and Program of Work around three core priorities and 9 strategic initiatives:



Negotiating a Better World – Communicating AmCham Values

  • Ensure effective communication of AACCLA and AmCham values and emphasizing our value proposition.
  • Underscore that we are apolitical and trusted partners.
  • Continue to plan social media communication campaigns to promote our values.

Task Force on the Rule of Law

  • Provide business leadership on the Rule of Law.
  • Describe and highlight private sector commitments in this field.
  • Draw from the private sector’s expertise and experience to provide recommendations to governments.



Frictionless Hemisphere – Reduce Transaction Costs and Red Tape

  • Seek to lower transaction costs throughout the hemisphere by promoting digitalization, reducing bureaucratic procedures and slashing red tape.
  • Continue to identify and share regional best practices of AmCham/Company engagement with governments on these specific issues.

Bottom-Up Policy Agenda – Update Common Policy Priorities

  • Develop the ‘Bottom-Up’ Survey in order to identify AmCham/Company feedback on their “on-the-ground” public policy priorities while allowing the Secretariat to find common threads on issues not yet contemplated in the existing seven policy priorities.
  • Leverage AACCLA’s position as a clearinghouse for best practices and relevant information in order to advance these common policy priorities.

Share In-Depth Policy Expertise

  • The results of the ‘Bottom-Up’ Survey will allow AACCLA to review the current and future policy priorities and will serve as the basis for a policy toolkit.
  • Develop a consolidated toolkit, a living document, which incorporates AmCham and Company best practices, position papers, talking points, subject matter experts, and other relevant information.



Center for Excellence – AmCham Best Practices

  • The Center for Excellence will develop, compile and share the highest standards of AmCham Best Practices.

AACCLA on the Web

  • Create a members-only online-shared platform within AACCLA’s webpage.
  • The forum will be a space where the network can share content and documents, share social media campaigns, upload magazines, etc.

AACCLA in Action – Policy and Member Updates

  • Connect the AACCLA network through a monthly newsletter.
  • Establish a new and constant channel of communication highlighting AACCLA’s upcoming events, new policy issues, relevant political and economic updates from Washington, D.C. and the region, and general AACCLA information.

Spark – Strategic Partners

  • Strengthen AACCLA’s network in the United States.
  • Develop a directory of strategic partners that can serve as resources for AmChams.

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